Michelle was able to address my all concerns

I came to Yoga after a near death car crash. Any one who has had a significant head injury, I can relate to the anxieties and other inconveniences that interfere with day to day life. I signed up initially for six private lessons, and in hindsight I would have to admit it has been the best thing I have done for myself since the accident. I really haven't mastered the belly breath or relaxing quite yet, but the stretching and becoming aware of my body has been invaluable in my physical recovery.

Michelle is totally awesome and a very comfortable person to work with, one hardly noticed the passing of time. She was able to address my all concerns and each session was a new experience in what she would call 'fun'.

I look forward to continuing my Yoga journey and hopefully reaching a point where I will remember to breathe.

Thanks Michelle

Awesome web site

Wow what an awesome web site !!! That 3d yoga animation is really cool

The class was very good

The class was very good. It helped me immensely with my lower back

I feel at peace

I have definately noticed a change in my breath even when I am not doing yoga. My body feels very relaxed and I feel at peace while doing yoga. I really can tell how tense I am when we start to stretch and it helps me to see that I need this. I have enjoyed the instruction. The pace has always been very comfortable and very smooth. I really appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions throughout the class and being given time at the end to choose what I want to do.

I really enjoyed this great and marvelous site

I really enjoyed this Great and marvelous site.Like Yoga the Indian system of medicine -Ayurveda is also great.Really Panchakarma the body purification procedures are the dire need of today for everybody .I recently took Panchakarma from Dr.Raghunandan Sharma in New Delhi.I am totally rejuvenated. Still I am continuing his medication through his on line consultation which is again a incredible service they are providing. Their site is also quite informative as http://www.ayurplanet.com I am interested to know more about your activities

My back feel much better and happier

I feel so wonderful at the end of every class and look forward to it every week! Since starting Hatha yoga with Michelle, I am much more flexible. I can touch my toes...and that is so exciting! My joints, particularly my hips, and my back feel much better and happier. I love using the yoga breath, it is energizing. Thankyou this has been wonderful!

I am more focused at work

My general state of mind is calmer and I am more focused at work. I am able to bend further at the hip than I did as a teenager. I look forward to each class and appreciate my body and what it can do more and more each week. Thanks Michelle!

The modifications for round bodies were perfect

Thanks Michelle for a wonderful week of yoga while I was in Victoria earlier this year. I wish I lived closer so I could continue taking classes from you! The time we spent doing yoga by the water was the best - - it helped me get over my preoccupation with what other people were thinking! The modifications for round bodies were perfect. I highly encourage people of all body shapes and sizes to learn yoga.

Very encouraging and positive

I Love your class. It is very easy to train with you. You are very encouraging and positive. What to say I love you Michelle Your great.

Breathing techniques has helped to lessen my asthma symptoms

Since starting yoga with Michelle I have notived my body and mind have become more relaxed and at peace. Yoga has improved my flexibility and I have noticed great improvements in the last two months. Learning the belly breath and other breathing techniques has helped to lessen my asthma symptoms. Whenever I start to feel out of breath I remember Michelles techings and concentrate on my breaths. This always helps when I am tired at work. I do some postures and always feel rejuvinated. I have always been a happy positive person and yoga has helped me to feel more complete. I recommend Michelle to other people and I thank you very much for everything. Namaste :)

My body is a lot happier since I started taking your classes

Michelle, Thanks so much. Your Yoga Classes have really changed me. I feel so much more centered and overall more healthy. I find that I suffer from less sickness and that my body is a lot happier since I started taking your classes. You are an outstanding Teacher and a great friend. Thanks

My neck injury has seemed to disapear

I am happy to say that I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon such a wonderfull teacher in yoga. Michelle, you "AIR" is very comfortable and welcoming! I have definately worked muscles in never knew that I had! My neck injury has seemed to disapear! YEAH! I love the different things you do each class like sounds, chanting etc.. I hope to continue my practice with you for a long time! A Big Thanks! PS. Thanks to Chris for the tea every class... YOU ROCK!

Easy for beginners or professionals

I enjoyed the serene atmosphere of the class and the small size, making it feel very initimate and relaxe. The instruction was thorough and detailed, making it easy for beginners or professionals. I feel healthier since I started the class. My body feels more relaxed and my breathing is deeper. When I am stressed with school I use some poses to relax, or to stretch, certain muscles when they are tense. Thanks for teaching me

I am definately more aware of my breathing properly

I am becoming more limbar again - slowly - and I am definately more aware of my breathing properly. I really enjoy the chanting and doing the chakras. Keep it up Michelle

You have taught me take the pain away

I have had so much fun! I have a lot of injuries from a car accident and when I have pain in my neck, knees and back I find a lot of the stretches you have taught me take the pain away. I am so glad I joined your class and hope to keep coming. You have taught a lot and made the class lots of fun. Thank You.

Safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere

Yo! Finnaly I have gotten to this site and it is wonderful! The animated postures are clear and nice to look at. It is my second time at the Level 1 yoga class and now I am getting the hang of it. I am actually getting the feel of the postures and letting go into them. I personaly love yoga cause it is not like a work out but mostly like playing with the balance of your body and seeing how far you can take it (in a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere)

Totally enjoyable and self paced experience

Awesome! Thankyou so much-you have made this totally enjoyable and self paced experience. I enjoyed the class as it opened a great deal about the body, that I was unaware of. The pace at which it was taught and the way in which I felt able to try the positions on my own

Pregnancy yoga is a great class to offer

I saw your ad on a board near Thriftys and I thought I would take a look at your site. It looks great! I am certain we will cross paths. The Victoria birth community is just too small! Pregnancy yoga is a great class to offer!

Wiser beyond yours years Michelle

Michelle is a wonderful teacher...lots of knowledge and obvious experience (wiser beyond yours years, Michelle!!)

Michelle has a pleasant energy

I have been away from yoga for a long time, partially because I have not managed to find a teacher I feel comfortable with. Michelle has a pleasant energy. The space she creates is sacred and safe. I feel there is a genuine respect and concern for each student. Even when the group is larger there is still a high level of personal attention. I like Michelles way of describing Asanahs and the intention for which they were created. I feel we tap into a timeless place and a centuries old tradition with gentle guidance. It is a pleasure and a priviledge to work with a teacher who has the level of integrity and committment that Michelle displays. I appreciate her humility despite her ability and it is inspiring to watch her grow both as a teacher and as a practitioner. Thank you again Michelle. Yoga is an important and much anticipated part of my week