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300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification

In this course, you will deepen your own practice and will learn how to safely teach hatha or flow-style to beginner students. The course is designed to be a hands-on learning experience, with practical applications of student-centred teaching techniques.


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  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Ajna Yoga Studio
  • 2185 Theatre Lane,  Victoria B.C
  • Cost: $2,600.00 > Payment options available for early registration only.
  • 12 Student per Program only
  • Dates:  Sept 19-Dec 10 2015
  • Times:
    • Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm
    • Saturday 9:00am - 5pm
    • Holidays:
  • Instructors: Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder
  • For more information contact Michelle Schroeder at:
    (250) 812-8355 - online form
  • Register: please call Michelle at 250-812-8355
  • Deposit: $400.00 required to hold your spot or full payment
    • Remainder of payment due 3 weeks before program start date

 Refunds offered 3 weeks before start date only.

Cancellation Policy: Students who wish to withdraw from the course up to 2 month before the start date are subject to a 10% administration fee. Applicants withdrawing less than 60 days of the course start date are subject to a 20% administration fee.

A minimum of 10 students are required to run the course. If a session is cancelled, your deposit will be refunded in full or transferred to another session.

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Admission Requirements


We require that each applicant have at least one year of practice and experience with a teacher in a group class setting. For those interested in taking the program to further your own education, we accept students with less than the above requirement. A completed online application form is required.

Scholarship Program


If you are interested in our program, but limited by financial means, apply for one of  two $400scholarships.

To apply you must send in:

  • A letter detailing how you will benefit from the course
  • A letter of reference from a teacher(not a family member)
  • Copy of your Notice of Assessment from 2008



500 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program

  •  This course is designed to be taken in modules over 1-3 years.
  • 80 hour Intensive in Victoria B.C Canada
  • 8 weekend workshops on various topics:Yoga NIdra, Yoga and Mental Health, YIn Yoga, Inversions and Backbends, Back Care, 50 plus and Chair yoga, Pre/post-Natal, Hips and Shoulders

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Yoga Teacher Training

About the Program

There are three classes per week, for 12 weeks. Each class is  4 to 6 hours and will include a mix of :Michelle one leg boat with dowel

  • Yoga classes where you will deepen your own awareness of postures (asana) and be able to ask questions about your own practice
  • Workshops on anatomy and physiology
  • Hands-on practice of physical adjustments, modifications for injured bodies
  • Workshops on the therapeutic applications
  • Lectures on yogic philosophy
  • Experiencial learning of meditation, breathing (pranayama) and kriya (cleansing) techniques
  • Workshops on how to sequence classes to meet different needs (eg. gentle classes, for preganacy, for strength)
  • Lessons on how to teach in different settings (studios, gyms, private lessons) and on the business aspect

Yoga AllianceThe following categories are in accordance with the classification system used by Yoga Alliance. Each category has a specific number of hours required. Visit the Yoga Alliance website for further information.


  • Asana – history, philosophy, psychology and alignment
  • Pranayama – theory and practice of breathing techniques
  • Meditation – theory and practice of mindful and calming techniques
  • Bandhas – application to pranayama and asana
  • Kriya – cleansing practices
  • Chakra system- theory and practical application to postures

assisted hatha yoga

Teaching Methods

  • Asana alignments
    • anatomical safety and alignment, modifications for injury, medical conditions and special needs
  • Adjustments
    • safe physical adjustments to create space and body awareness
  • Sequencing
    • how to design and teach a flow or hatha style beginner class
    • how to design a sequence to meet the needs of specific groups - e.g athletes, older people, people with limited movement ect.
  • Dialogue
    • use of verbal cues to teach to different learning styles and use of voice in teaching different styles of classes

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Kinesthetic movement and common student limitations
  • Benefits for the respiratory, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems
  • The 5 koshas, 5 Vayus, nadis and chakras

hatha yoga double crow

Philosophy & Ethics

  • History - in India and in the West
  • Paths of yoga
  • Classic texts - Yoga sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Student / teacher relationship
  • Boundaries and ethics in teaching
  • Emotions and psychology


As part of the hands-on learning, you will:

  • observe different teachers in classes
  • assist a teacher in class with physical adjustments and modfications
  • practice teach a portion of a class, with feedback from a member of the faculty
  • teach a 1-hour exam class at the end of the course 

Michelle Hatha Yoga Boat with dowell

Cancellation Policy: Refund or Credit is available only one week prior to course start date. There will be a 10% regsitration fee that is non-refundable.




About Jules Payne:Jules Payne - Photo by Neil Hodge

Jules began her journey at age 5, when she took up acrobatics at the local Recreation Centre.  She had been struggling with participating in team sports – after two eye operations had helped sharpen her sight but had left her with the ability to use only one eye at a time. This lack of lack of depth perception made sports, especially ones with balls moving rapidly toward the head (!) - too worrisome for her. Luckily for her, Jules’ physiotherapist mother took a holistic approach to movement and hand-eye coordination and enrolled her in acrobatics, where she could increase her propioception (awareness of her body) and develop the musculature of her body in an even manner to help the alignment of her spine.

In an interesting early melding of the East and West, Jules since discovered the balances and
backbends she first learned in childhood acrobatics are identical to the postures she now practices daily.

Jules was drawn to the breathwork and philosophical aspects of yoga in her twenties. She found it helped to calm her mind and improve her focus. Most significant for her, it helped eliminate insomnia from her life – a condition she had struggled with since she was 11 years old.

Because of her personal experience with the healing power – both for her physical body and for her mind, Jules decided to pursue yoga as a career and share her love with others.

Jules has spent the last 4 years instructing the Yoga Teacher Training Program at the MokSana Yoga Centre, and as the primary instructor for the last 2 years. Jules has trained over 200 teachers since 2004 and runs a home-visit practice specializing in the therapeutic applications. Her current group classes range from chair yoga for clients aged 80-100, to Ashtanga Primary series, Flow-style and gentle Hatha. Jules’ classes combine a sense of fun and joy with an awareness of alignment and safety.

Jules has studied in the Anusara, Ashtanga and Vijnana styles of hatha and has trained as a therapist by Integrative Yoga Therapy. She continues to be inspired by her teacher, Elizabeth Peckham, and believes that the journey on the yogic path is one of constant and consistent learning. Jules’ passion is complimented by 10 years of community–based work with charities in England and in Canada.

About Michelle Schroeder: Please visit our instructors page to learn about Michelle

Michelle Forward Bend

For all other details please contact Michelle at 1.250.812.8355 or by using our online form

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