Private Yoga Training

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Male or Female Instructors are Available

Receive one-on-one instructions in the various aspects of Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, and Pregnancy Yoga.

Private Yoga Training

Are you already attending yoga classes, just starting, or somewhere in between?

Whatever your situation, we can help you start a daily practice, heal old injuries and improve existing medical conditions by meeting with you for a single private session or regular weekly sessions

Our private sessions can be conducted at the client’s chosen location (as long as adequate space can be provided – travel fees apply), and at our location. The first session includes an additional fifteen minutes at no charge to allow time to get to know each other and to talk about any concerns that you may have been noted on your questionnaire.

Private Yoga TrainingDuring this time, your personal instructor will go over various areas you wish to focus on as you practice together. The instructor can help you determine the best postures (asanas) and pranayama (if requested) to aid in your understanding and practice of Yoga. These practices can be based on your lifestyle, body type, health conditions, specific areas of the body (ie: hips, shoulders, legs, neck, organs) and any other specific requests that you may have.

During one or many classes your instructor can help you to determine a specific routine based on any of the above criteria.

You may also (for an additional fee) request a written document detailing your personal routine which you can follow while you are getting used to the practice.

Our instructors work with our clients to create just the right program for them to achieve optimum personal results. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a corporate desk jockey, or a stay-at-home parent, Michelle (link to bio) or one of her fully qualified instructors can empower you to use yoga as a means of conditioning your body and mind to meet the busy and sometimes stressful demands of your life.

Michelle is also available for consultation by phone, in case you have any questions, comments or just want some general help with your practice and/or understanding of Yoga.

Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons:

While there are many benefits to be gained from attending group yoga classes, an ideal way for many people to learn yoga and develop a personal practice is through private consultation.
We start the process by discussing and identifying your individual needs. Next, we design an individual practice of postures and breathing for you. Your individual practice is based on your general health, specific injuries or conditions, your age, strength, flexibility and life circumstances.
Reasons you might consider private yoga training sessions can include:

  • Privacy
  • Personal attention
  • Development of a personal practice for your individual needs
  • Specific therapeutic benefits for injury, stress or emotional situation.
  • To learn at your own pace
  • To have questions answered

Private Yoga TrainingPrivate lessons can include one, two, three – even up to 10 people, and are a great way to learn yoga with a partner or friends.
Design your own fitness class for you and your friends! You choose a time and day that works best for you and a small group of your friends (3 to 6 people is best) and decide what type of class you are all looking for. We will then tailor a class specifically for your group!
These classes can include Asanas and Pranayama techniques to address diseases such as chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes, and digestive, structural and heart problems.
Private training packages can also include periodic written assessments, as well as long-term training solutions, with ongoing communication between sessions.

Private Yoga TrainingPrivate Training classes are perfect for:

1. Athletes (tennis, football, martial arts, golf, swimming, running, etc);
2. People who have never tried yoga before;
3. People recovering from physical trauma such as:

  • car accidents
  • whiplash
  • bike accidents
  • sports injuries
  • pregnancy-related stress
  • aches
  • sprains
  • subluxations (partial dislocations, as in one of the bones in a joint)
  • chronic illnesses

4. People with medical conditions such as:

  • stress
  • irritable bowels
  • sore back, neck and muscles
  • job-related stress
  • pregnancy recovery
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • low energy/stamina
  • achy joints, muscles

Yoga techniques are reviewed to revitalize and rejuvenate the body, and students are encouraged to ask questions.

Posture Refinements will be taught for advanced students as well advanced training and studies can be requested.

Private Yoga TrainingPersonal Yoga Routines

Once you have come for a private lesson and/or multiple lessons, and depending on your personal situation, we can, upon request, write out a specific routine for you. This will help you in your ongoing yoga practice, by providing you with an outline you can follow as you developing your practice.

We are also available for consultation via phone in case you have any questions, comments, or just want some general help with your practice and or understanding of Yoga.


Session pricing and package discounts.

1 Person

  • 30 min. private training - $50.00
  • 60 min. private training - $65.00
  • 90 min. private training - $85.00
  • 120 min. private training – $95.00

2 Person (each)

  • 30 min. private training - $35.00
  • 60 min. private training - $45.00
  • 90 min. private training - $55.00
  • 120 min. private training – $65.00

Personal Yoga Routine (in written format) - $45.00

No refunds for pre-paid private yoga sessions

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Pre-Natal Yoga Private Training

Michelle has had extensive personal experience with Yoga and childbearing, including the pregnancy and birth of her (and hubby Chris’s) daughter.

Michelle can show you how to use Yoga techniques to relieve tension, backaches, sore muscles and joints, and the overall general discomfort that can arise from pregnancy.  Click here to read more about Pre-Natal Yoga