Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is becoming more and more popular today, as couples search for deeper connections and more intimacy in their lives.

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga in Thailand

Partner Yoga is a safe way to try out balancing postures and explore familiar poses with support from your partner, going deeper into twists and back and forward bends. Partner yoga is helpful, physically and emotionally, for both people. It helps you get into poses you may previously have found difficult or impossible to do.

These postures help develop open communication, honesty and intimacy in your relationship, and to break down physical and emotional barriers.

Partner Yoga with Chris and Michelle

Using partner yoga adds new depth to your regular yoga practice. The postures range in levels from basic to more advanced and challenging, and are suitable for all levels of practice. We will show you all the postures you need to get started, with postures to 'tune-in' with your partner and facilitate breathing together.

Thailand Yoga