Men's Hatha - Power Yoga

This class is specifically designed for men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) combine with simple breathing techniques (pranayama) and the little-known Yoga Dhandals to strengthen and tone your body while increasing your flexibility and balance. You don’t need any experience, and all our programs are taught by certified yoga instructors.

Below are commonly asked questions asked about our Men's Power yoga classes.

I have never taken a Men's Hatha/Power Yoga class before. Is this class the class for me?
Yes, the Men's Power yoga class is for men with little or no experience in yoga. This class is also designed for individuals that have some experience as well.

What do I need to bring?
We recommend that you wear clothing that is easy to move in, such as loose fitting sweat pants, leggings, T-shirts, sweaters, etc. It helps to dress in layers so that you can easily stay comfortable. You should also bring:

  • A bottle of water;
  • A blanket (may be nice during relaxation at end of class)
  • A yoga mat will be provided for you during regular weekly classes or you may wish to bring your own.

What is a Men's Hatha/Power Yoga Class ?
A Men's Power Yoga class is an introduction to the Dhandals (Yoga Body Building Techniques) and basics of Hatha Yoga postures. The Dhandals are a tool used to strengthen, tone, and rejuvenate your body. Overall body strength, flexibility and conditioning are taught, using more than 50 yoga postures (and slight modifications) to encourage a happy, healthy body and mind. This class also includes basic breathing techniques (Pranayama Yoga) to complement the postures and relax the body/mind.

Should I check with my doctor/health care provider before taking the classes?
Men's Power Yoga classes are safe, and complement any lifestyle. That said, it is still always a good idea to discuss your exercise program and participation in a yoga class with your doctor in case you have particular concerns or specific body and/or mind illness. Generally speaking, however, participation in a yoga class will provide positive health results.

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How large are the Men's Hatha/Power Yoga Classes?
Class sizes differ depending on location and demand. Class sizes range from small groups (4 or 5 students) up to 15 or 20 students. Individual, personalized classes are also available.(link here to your Private Yoga Training page) Call or email us for more specific information.
Yoga is increasingly popular as a means of exercise and fitness training. However it needs to be recognized more by health care professionals for a complement to conventional medical care rather than just a trendy leisure activity. Over the last 10 years, research studies have shown that the practice of Hatha Yoga improves strength and flexibility and may help control such parameters as blood pressure, respiration and heart rate, and metabolic rates.
(source: Raub JA. Psychophysiologic effects of Hatha Yoga on musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary function: a literature review. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 8 (6): 797-812, Dec 2002.)

I think I am really out of shape. Are you sure this class will be OK for me?

Yes, this class provides a positive atmosphere for men of all sizes, shapes and athletic conditioning to participate. Individual consideration is given to each man in the class, and the course is taught only at a level that works for everyone.Mens Hatha Yoga