Kids Yoga Classes

Kids YogaYoga is a great way for your children to learn how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle from an early age, in a supporting and friendly environment.

Children need to be active, both mentally and physically. Yoga can provide that mix of mental and physical activity for your children that will help them develop a healthy mind and body, including flexibility, good circulation, and proper digestion. In today’s busy world, children, especially in the West, tend to be less active and more sedentary that even their parents were, only a generation ago. Today’s children typically spend too much time sitting in front of a TV or computer, and get driven to school and to other activities. For better or worse, our modern, protective lifestyle has left our children with less opportunity and time to get the exercise they need to grow up healthy.

Yoga is an excellent way for children to get the exercise they need, and is suitable for children of all ages and physical abilities. It teaches children to relax and to concentrate, and also how to be quiet and still. It encourages flexibility, strength, proper posture, and coordination. Because it is a non-competitive and gentle activity, children of all ages and with every level of physical fitness can practice yoga together without feeling they are inferior or not keeping up. Remember, Yoga is not about being the best in your class. It’s about developing your own unique, personal life skills that will help you to grow up fit, healthy, and happy. Success is not measured against anyone but yourself and your own personal and mental growth.

Yoga for Children

Who should attend?

Children of almost any age can – and do – benefit from yoga instruction. Even the best mannered, most obedient and studious children can gain a greater sense of self-confidence and wellness that will carry them through the throes of adolescence and into adulthood. However, the greatest benefits of yoga may be for those children who sometimes struggle to stay focused, who squirm of fidget in their seats, or have trouble listening. Because yoga (for every age) focuses on tranquility and peace of mind, it can be the perfect long-term skill that will help restless or aggressive children learn to live more peacefully and constructively with themselves and others.

Benefits for kids:

Kids Yoga

• Nurtures imagination
• Cultivates intellect and creativity
• Strengthens academic skills
• Improves sports performance
• Heals physically
• Renews spirit
• Provides grounding and peace
• Helps children understand who they are by finding answers within themselves
• Accesses intuition
• Promotes inner peace into adulthood

A great Birthday Party treat!

Want to put on a really special birthday party for your child (or grandchild)?

A yoga class taps into children’s natural delight in moving and twisting their bodies, and having fun in the process. A children’s yoga class prompts the imagination, as they try to roar and stretch like a tiger, float like a butterfly, even emulate a tree or flower. These classes are totally non-competitive, helping kids build confidence and self esteem while exercising their bodies and improving their concentration.

 Below are commonly asked questions asked about our yoga classes.

    1. I have never taken a yoga classes before. Is this class the class for me.

    Yes, the youth and tot Yoga class is for little people with little or no experience in yoga. This class is designed for people that have some experience as well.

    2. What do I need to bring.

    It is recommended that you wear clothing that is easy to move in, such as loose fitting sweat pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. It is helpful to dress in layers so that you can easily stay comfortable.

        * A bottle of water (recommended )
        * A blanket ( may be nice during relaxation at end of class )
        * Lose fitting clothing such as jogging pants and a T-shirt
        * A yoga mat ( not necessary )

    3. What is a Youth and Tot Yoga Class?

    A Youth and Tot Yoga class is an introduction to the basics of Hatha Yoga postures and asanas. Over 100 yoga postures will be taught with slight modifications to encourage a happy healthy body / mind. The kids will be able to run, jump, play and have a great time while learing about their bodies and themselves through the age old techniques of Yoga. Children make friends during playfull instruction from Michelle. People are encouraged to participate, ask questions and take part in the class at their own skill and confort level. Everyone has a great time and learns new skills they carry with them for the rest of their lives. A gift you and or your children may share.

    4. Do I need to check with my health care provider before taking the classes?

    The Youth and Tot Yoga classes are gentle, safe and complement any life style. It is always a good idea to discuss your exercise program and participation in a yoga class with your doctor in case of concerns or body / mind illness. Generally participation in a yoga class will provide positive healthy results. If you have any questions or converns please contact Michelle and she would be glad to address and issues or concerns / questions you may have.

    5. How large are the Level 1 Hatha Yoga Classes

    Class sizes differ depending on location. Classes are available from 4 - 5 students up to 15-20 students.

    6. I am not sure if this is right for me or my children?

    Yes, this class will provide a positive atmosphere to participate in a yoga class for people of all sizes, shapes and skilllevel, athletic conditioning or attitude. All people will be encouraged to develop and grow while focusing on their strongest skills and improving and developing others. Questions and sharing are welcome from everyone and are encouraged by the Instructors.