Yoga Programs For Educational Institutions

Schedule Yoga Training (Administrators - Teaching Faculty – Students)Teachers, students, and – yes – even overburdened administrators at schools, colleges and universities, suffer along with the rest of us from everyday workplace stressors and tensions that can drain your energy, and cause you to lose focus.

A regular regime of yoga stretching and relaxation exercises can help blow away the cobwebs and help you and your students approach your routine activities with a fresh, open and receptive mind.

We offer convenient on-site training programs and seminars for educational institutions throughout Vancouver Island.

Educational Yoga The techniques are practiced while the administrators, faculty and students are engaged in normal school activities.

Classes are offered in the morning, at lunch hour or after work.

  • Designed for all levels – beginners through advanced.
  • Classes are typically 30 minutes to one hour in length.
  • 30 – 60 minutes one-time classes.
  • Programs with 8 to 12 week segments
  • Groups of any size (depending on your space capacity)

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