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The key to any successful company is to have good people. When your employees are strong and healthy and they respect the company's management team, that company will excel and flourish in ways never before thought possible.


"Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple all offer on-site yoga classes for their employees. These and scores more Fortune 500 companies consider yoga important enough to offer classes as a regular employee benefit."
Nancy Wolfson, Yoga Journal.
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Yoga for businessOur instructors are all qualified and fully certified. To start you will need to provide a suitable space that is an open room,  and relatively quiet. This will allow your group to receive the most from their yoga session and feel comfortable.  It is also possible to do some yoga at your desk without any supplemental props and tools such as mats and blocks. Each person may need a water bottle, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat. We can provide yoga mats if needed.

Classes take place right at your place of work – your office, store, warehouse, school, or wherever. Yoga can be practiced just about anywhere, and we will work around your schedule.