About Victoria Yoga

Michelle Yoga PositionsVictoriaYoga.com has been around for almost 10 years. We have been delivering yoga services in Victoria BC, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island.  Run by Michelle and Chris we have worked with and serviced many clients including:

  1. Oak Bay Recreation
  2. YMCA (Royal Roads)
  3. Henderson Recreation Centre
  4. The Union Club
  5. The Orange Hall
  6. YMCA
  7. VI Fitness
  8. Gold Gym
  9. Pearkes Arena
  10. Sundance Elementary

 We also service many Government agencies, Educational Facilities and Professional Businesses to help reduce employee stress.Christmas Hill Yoga

What our clients think

My neck injury has seemed to disapear

I am happy to say that I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon such a wonderfull teacher in yoga. Michelle, you "AIR" is very comfortable and welcoming! I have definately worked muscles in never knew that I had! My neck injury has seemed to disapear! YEAH! I love the different things you do each class like sounds, chanting etc.. I hope to continue my practice with you for a long time! A Big Thanks! PS. Thanks to Chris for the tea every class... YOU ROCK!

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